Home Oasis Tops 2023 Interior Design Trends

Jan 20, 2023, 20:27 PM

Considering all the uncertainty the world has experienced in last few years, it’s no wonder cultivating a peaceful home environment is a top interior design trend for 2023. Our homes are meant to be welcoming places where we can destress and let our worries melt away. Here you’ll find some great tips to make your domestic life more tranquil. Get ready to create a space you won’t want to leave!


  • Spark a Spirit of Wanderlust – Travel is back in a big way, and there’s more interest than ever to bring vacation memories into our homes. Nurture a sense of escape by hanging art bought on a trip on your living room wall or spicing up your sofa with fabulous pillows or a cozy quilt found in a distant city. Consider incorporating warm woods, light linen curtains, and extra comfortable furniture into your décor to make yourself feel like every day is a holiday!  


  • Go on a Permanent Retreat – A sense of happiness and contentment can linger all year long if you embrace interior spaces made for unwinding. To get started, set aside a little nook for yoga, meditation, reading or quiet contemplation. Consider investing in an indoor water foundation to generate calm. Next commit to absorbing more Vitamin D this year by focusing on large, bare windows that energize you by day. You can also trade out your regular lightbulbs for warm-colored ones to support healthy sleep patterns. Finally, splurge on luxurious bedding to optimize your rest!


  • Maximize Your Outdoor Space – If there’s one design lesson we learned during the pandemic, it was that transforming patios into staycation destinations made remaining at home much more fun! This new year will continue that trend with a focus on outdoor fireplaces and kitchens, firepits, swimming pools, pool houses, greenhouses and sprawling flower and vegetable gardens.


  • Bring the Outdoors In – We head into nature to feel rejuvenated and restored, so why not bring the outdoors inside our homes to maintain that positive energy? In 2023, expect to see larger and wilder plant collections and rock gardens indoors. Furniture design will also incorporate more elements of the great outdoors by embracing wool, sheepskin, stone, wood, marble, bamboo and clay. Don’t forget to finish things off with driftwood art, a bowl or vase full of seashells or stones and rattan woven baskets.


  • Décor Details – While busy patterns can be exciting, if your goal is to feel soothed by your surroundings, opt for solid patterns for cloth furniture, rugs and lampshades. Soft, beachy blues and garden greens are often what springs to mind when we think of relaxing paint colors. But if that’s not your style, look into pastel shades of peach, cream, taupe, tan and grey instead. Last but not least, install closed drawers, closets and shelving to tuck away your possessions and embody a minimalist vibe that leaves you serene.  


Learn more helpful home décor tips at the Greater Charlotte Home & Landscape Show on January 27-29 at Cabarrus Arena in Concord.